【aqu♡rius】Awaken the Power 踊ってみた【dance cover】

アくエリアス です!
Awaken the Power FULL Dance Cover featuring @ai_hime @mikumiku__ @shiragin_

Our first collab video with an entire cast of Saint Aqours Snow! We hope you enjoy our MV shot of Awaken the Power. It was really fun to film! Thank you to @suarezdigital for filming and all of our guests for filming this with us, we’re happy to share it with all of you ♡

Costumes made by us!
Filmed by: @suarezdigital

Leah – @mikumiku__
Sarah – @shiragin_
Chika – @not.abbys.cosplay
Riko – @amaiijellicos
You – @lambytes
Yoshiko – @eggnificent
Hanamaru – @viotaru.cos
Ruby – @ai_hime
Mari – @saikosaitan666
Kanan – @kiiro_p
Dia – @meta.chrome