Every Aqours’ Member Bridge in “Thank You, FRIENDS!!”

Can’t believe I finally did Love Live! video!

I made this video because I think that the bridge in this song is beautiful and vocally demanding, so I wanted to see how the girls sounded on their own!

The artworks used in this video were the ones that were used for the flowerstand made by fans and given to Aqours in celebration of theirth Live (Sailing to Sunshine).

I took them from the Twitter users that are credited in the video, but here are direct links to their profiles. Go follow them and tell them how awesome their art is!!

@kunknee (draw Chika and Ruby): https://twitter.com/kunknee
@terupancake (draw Kanan): https://twitter.com/terupancake
@RaemnD2 (draw JIMO AI! Ahem… drawYou and Yoshiko): https://twitter.com/Raemn2D
@senguyen1011 (draw Riko): https://twitter.com/senguyen1011
@DiAyase_draw (draw Dia and Mari): https://twitter.com/DiAyase_draw
@ara_yeee (draw Maru): https://twitter.com/ara_yeee

Thank you for watching!